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ArokariApartments: Where we are

ArokariApartments is located 20 meters from the sea in the center of Gargarou Bay (Gargarù), in the countryside of Charakopiò, a hamlet of the city of Koròni (8 km) (Messènia). A context of vineyards and olive groves, orange and lemon trees, yucca and palm trees, with exclusive access to the sea. the residence faces the Taygetos mountain range, from which every day you can admire the indescribable sunrise.

Its isolated position compared to the city center (3 km from Charakopip) makes it necessary to have your own vehicle.

The site can be reached from abroad by ship or by air. By ship, disembarking in Patras, it can be reached via two alternative routes. By air it can be reached with arrival at Athens airport and a drive of approximately 3 hours or with arrival at Kalamàta airport and a drive of approximately 40 minutes.

Each apartment has a private garage

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