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Rules to Stay


For your protection, that of other guests and staff, to stay in the apartments or even just access the facility, it is mandatory to present, if requested, the GREEN PASS for the SARS-CoV-2 virus (COVID-19), or have at least an antigen test not older than 3 days.


Below AROKARIAPARTMENTS is indicated as AA.

For any specific need it is recommended to notify the owner as soon as possible and in any case within 30 days of check in. Not all apartments are suitable for disabled people.

ArokariApartments (hereinafter AA) does not allow access to animals of any kind.

Access to non-renters is not allowed. Access by non-renters can only be permitted with authorization from AA.

It is not permitted to provide non-tenants with keys and electronic cards for the apartment and access to the AA property, as well as wi-fi and internet codes. Their loss or damage must be immediately reported to the administration. Keys and electronic cards are given at check-in and must be returned at check-out.

In compliance with laws 3868/2010 and 4177/2019, smoking is strictly prohibited in the apartments. In open spaces, terraces and balconies, it is allowed if this does not disturb the other tenants. It is forbidden to leave cigarette butts in the external and common areas of the residence.

To ensure the peace of all tenants, please respect the following hours of silence: 12:00 – 15:00 and 23:00 – 09:00

The use of any pay-TV program is the responsibility and is charged to the tenant.

The apartment is handed over clean to the customer and is equipped with sheets, pillowcases, bath and kitchen towels, and aprons, which are changed weekly. It is possible to request additional weekly cleaning and linen changes, upon payment of a supplement, at the time of booking confirmation. Conversely, this possibility is not guaranteed.

Availability to use the washing machine includes all the detergents needed for at least six washes. It is important to follow the instructions in the main languages in order not to damage the device. ATTENTION: Only use the detergents supplied! They will be replenished weekly. Antibacterial or chlorine and ammonia-based detergents are forbidden, as they destroy the enzymatic flora of the Biological Waste Water Recovery System.

The use of the swimming pool is allowed from 8:00 to 20:00.
During the night, the pool is subjected to cleaning of the walls and bottom by robotic means and the automatic release of agents that can be irritating to humans.
The pool has a constant depth of 140cm. For this reason, it is strictly forbidden to dive. It is also recommended not to run on the tiled area surrounding the pool. The pool is monitored by cameras for insurance reasons.
The pool is not heated. Use of the swimming pool is limited to the period from June to September.

Outside, each apartment has its own rubbish bin, which will be emptied daily by the staff. For the protection of the decorum of the environment and for reasons of hygiene and safety, it is strictly forbidden to leave garbage outside these special containers. It is also forbidden to throw/abandon any leftover food in the common areas of the building complex, as it can attract wild animals.

Check-in is between 15:30 and 23:00. The check-out time must be strictly respected. The apartments must be vacated by 10:30, returning the keys to authorized personnel, after having inspected the apartments together with the tenants, to ascertain any damage not yet reported. For any damages found after departure, the AA has the right to request compensation by documenting them. The apartment must be returned with all kitchen utensils washed.

Any damage to the apartment or its contents, during the stay, must be immediately communicated to the landlord, so that immediate intervention is possible for the restoration and, where necessary, the assessment of any damage attributable to the tenant. Any damage found after the tenant’s departure will be documented photographically and the amount of the damage will be determined and will be withheld from the security deposit.


During your stay with AA you are responsible for any damage to the rented apartment and its contents, and to the common parts of the grounds, resulting from your actions. AA is not responsible for any theft or damage caused by people, animals, or atmospheric agents to objects left unattended in public areas of the residence or to a private vehicle that has been carelessly left unattended. Do not leave your apartment or vehicle unattended. When you are away, the main entrance and windows must be closed. AA also reserves the right to request compensation for damage caused to things and furniture due to such causes. Similarly, AA is not responsible for damage to things, for example to vehicles, outside the apartments, due to vandalism, or atmospheric, physical, or socio-political events.
During your stay at ArokariApartments you are responsible for any damage to the rented apartment and its contents resulting from your actions.
Similarly, this applies to damages resulting from your actions to the common parts of the ArokariApartments property. In the event of damage, you are required to promptly notify the someone of the staff.

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