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House Rules


For the protection of you, other guests and staff, to stay in the apartments or even just access the hotel complex it is mandatory to present the GREEN PASS, which shows the vaccination against the SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) virus of at least 1 complete cycle (2 doses) not further than 5 months or the booster (3° dose) not further than 9 months.


Below AROKARIA.APARTMENTS is indicated as the owner.

For any specific need it is recommended to notify the owner as soon as possible and in any case within 30 days of check in.
Not all apartments are suitable for disabled people.
The access to pets of all kinds is always prohibited.

Access to non-tenants is not allowed. Exceptionally, access to non-tenants can only be recognized if explicitly authorized by the owner. It is forbidden, in any case, to give the keys of the apartment, of access to the property from the sea and the road and internet passwords to outsiders or non-renters. All these keys are delivered at check in and must be returned at check out.

The use of any pay-TV subscriptions are paid by the renter.

The use of the washing machine includes the supply of detergents necessary for at least six washes.
There will be an instruction manual for use in the main languages. It is important to carefully follow the instructions so as not to damage the appliance.

To ensure the tranquility of the other tenants, please respect the following hours of silence:
12:00 – 15:00 and 23:00 – 09:00

Smoking is not allowed inside the apartments. In open places, such as verandas and balconies, smoking is permitted to the extent that this does not disturb other renters.

The isolated position of the estate makes it necessary to have your own vehicle to move freely.
At our accommodations you will also find a guide with the location of all the necessary services, such as: supermarkets, pharmacies, ATMs, medical guard, postal service, typical restaurants, girosterias and taverns.
You will find for free some typical products of our production.
Pets of any kind are not allowed.

The apartment is delivered to the customer cleaned and provided with sheets, pillowcases, towels, kitchen towels and aprons. This service has no additional costs. It is possible to request weekly cleaning for € 40.00. This must be requested upon booking confirmation. On the contrary, the service is not guaranteed.
A weekly change of sheets, pillow cases, kitchen towels and aprons is also provided. Any further changes can be given at an additional cost of € 10.00.

Out of each apartment, waste collection bins have been placed which will be emptied by the housekeeping staff. To safeguard the decorum of the environment and for reasons of hygiene and safety (organic waste attracts wild animals that may be unwelcome or dangerous for people) it is strictly forbidden to leave the garbage outside the containers specifically used for collection.
It is forbidden to throw or abandon food or food remains, containers or objects of any kind in the common areas of the property.

Any damage to the rented apartment or its contents made during the stay, must be promptly communicated to the owner, to allow where possible to intervene immediately to remedy and where necessary quantify the damage to be borne by the renter. Any damage detected after the tenant’s departure will be photographically documented and quantified to identify the amount of the damage and decide in which entity to retain the security deposit.

To facilitate your arrival at the apartment, we ask you to notify us by sms, whatsapp, viber or by a phone call of your arrival 30 minutes before. In this way we can come to you in a specific place (like the town square) to accompany you to the properties of Arokaria.Apartments

The last hour of check out must be strictly respected.
By 10:30 the apartments must be vacated, returning the keys to the owners of the property or to authorized personnel, and allowing the latter to carry out an inspection of the apartment together with the renters to check for any damage not previously communicated.
The security deposit will be returned after seven days from check out to allow the owner of the property to verify more thoroughly that the apartment has been returned in a compliant way. Any damage subsequently detected, will be documented photographically and quantified to identify the amount of the damage and decide in which entity to retain the security deposit.
The apartment must be returned with all the pans and dishes washed.

Arokaria.Apartments is not responsible for any theft or damage caused by people, animals or weather events to objects left unattended in the common areas of the property.
Do not leave the apartment or vehicle unattended open. When absent, the main entrance and windows must be closed. is not responsible for theft or disappearance of unattended objects outside the apartment, or if the unattended apartment has not been properly closed. also reserves the right to request compensation for damage caused to the property and furnishings for damage deriving from these hypotheses.
Equally is not responsible for damage to property, such as vehicles, left outside the apartments, due to vandal, atmospheric, natural or socio-political events. It is therefore recommended to pre-empt these properties with adequate insurance against these disasters.
During your stay at Arokaria.Apartments you are responsible for any damage to the rented apartment and its contents resulting from your actions. Similarly this applies to damage resulting from your actions to the common parts of the property of Arokaria.Apartments. In the event of damage, you are required to promptly notify the owner or whoever it is for.