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Sanitation of the environments

Each apartment is regularly cleaned and sanitized before each check in. Cleaning and sanitization involves both the rooms and the furnishings and the objects contained in the apartments.

Before each check in, all internal and external surfaces of the furniture are dusted, washed and sanitized with specific alcohol-based sanitizing detergents. The same treatment is provided for paintings, hangers and any other ornaments in the apartment.

In addition, all dishes, pans, plates, bowls, glasses and cups and any other instrument used for the preparation and administration of food and drinks are washed in the dishwasher with high emperature washes. All fabric elements, including curtains, pillows and cushions, are also sanitized with fabric-specific spray detergents. Sheets, pillowcases, blankets, tea towels, mats, pot holders are washed and sanitized with sanitizing additives and replaced before each check in and weekly for stays longer than 7 days.

Before each check in, the floors are cleaned and washed with specific alcohol and ammonia-based detergents by specific machines used for this purpose.
Each apartment is also equipped at the entrance with a automatic sanitizing dispenser, that is regularly replenished, to ensure hand hygiene at each entrance or exit from the apartment.

The air conditioning system is subject to annual maintenance at the beginning of the tourist season by washing the filters with specific antibacterial detergents. The filters also receive periodic sanitization by blowing with antibacterial sprays. The apartments are also equipped with air purification and recirculation systems that work according to the principle of regenerative heat recovery, using a ceramic exchanger and cleaning filter G3.



Products such as diving masks, snorkels and fins are sanitized through immersion in boiling water and subsequent washing with specific sanitized products. They are then immediately packed to ensure their sterility at the time of delivery to the guest. This procedure allows to guarantee the hygiene of products that come into direct contact with sensitive parts of the human body.

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